Marketing Data:

Contact us for your data needs. Our data can be customized with filters to get you the target audience for your direct marketing efforts. We can get you fields such as gender, income levels, occupation, geographic location, home owner, renter, age, and about a few hundred other fields. We also have Political Data that can be sorted by district, county, state, party, etc.


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Radio Ads:

We can offer you ads of any length on almost any radio station. Here is one of our offers.

5 30 second spots on Iheart radio streaming for $1800

5 30 secon spots on KFI in Los Angeles for $3500. Time of ad can add to cost*

Ringless Calls:

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RoboCalls, Robo Polling, Robo Fund Raising:

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While we are focused on the customization of your advertising campaign we do have off the shelf products we offer. Here is a list with pricing.